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Tint Laws, Specs & Warranties

Benefits of Window Tint

Window film can be applied to various glass surfaces, but many love the aesthetic value it adds to cars while also reducing the glare from the sun. Tinted windows block UV rays, so the heat is significantly reduced inside while also protecting the leather, steel, rubber, plastics, and aluminum. Passengers will also be protected from cancer-causing UV rays.

Window Tint Terminology

As you read the breakdown of the different car window tinting laws and regulations by state, you will come across different terms. Understanding this lingo and terminology can help you make the right choices for your car. 

VLT%: This stands for Visible Light Transmission. VLT% indicates the amount of visible light that gets in through either just the film or both the film and window combined. A lower VLT% means the darker the tint will be. A higher % means the tint will be lighter.
Front-side window tint %: The level of tinting for the front-side windows must not exceed the VLT% listed in the chart. This % is higher compared to what is allowed on the rear windows so that police can still see inside the car.
Back-side window tint %: The level of tinting for the back-side windows must not exceed the VLT% listed in the chart. 
Rear window tint %: This is the VLT % that’s allowed on your rear windshield.
Windshield: The information here refers to the AS-1 line since entire front windshields cannot be tinted in any state legally. The AS-1 line is 4 – 6 inches from the top of the windshield that can be tinted.
Chrome/ Mirror Effect: Window tint reflectivity is the amount of light that is reflected away from the window by a tinted film. The lower the reflectivity, the less light is being blocked or reflected off of the window. This can help reduce glare and heat buildup in the vehicle.


Window Tint Specs & Warranties

Our warranty covers defective tint, peeling, delamination, and adhesion failure however due to the special dyes used in some of our colored tints (Blue, Red, Gold, Bronze, green, purple, orange), we do not offer any warranty against discoloration or color fading. Discretion is advised. These specific colors are intended only for short term use or on specific vehicles kept indoors and maintained well! 

Our films are not warrantied against any scratches, marks or installation errors.

Any warranty claims will require photos/videos and in some cases we will need the tint to be removed and sent in for examination

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